Summer Visit - Archaeology of the North Norfolk Coast

Saturday, 22nd June, 10:00am Hunstanton Old Lighthouse
In Partnership with Nautical Archaeology Society

This year we are very lucky to have a day visit to the north Norfolk Coast organised and delivered by Dr. Simon Draper of the Nautical Archaeology Society.

The day consisted of an informal introduction to the inter-tidal wrecks of the north Norfolk Coast which included a very pleasant stroll along the Hunstanton shoreline. As we walked the beaches near Hunstanton and we examined three wrecks including a steam trawler (1907), a barque (wrecked in 1883) and a wooden wreck of unknown provenance. These three wrecks provided a fascinating insight into the evolution of naval architecture set against the backdrop of two World wars and a technological revolution in seafaring. Dr Draper, who led the group, also talked about the importance of integrating nautical archaeology and land-based studies referring inter alia to other survey work from a much earlier period (bronze age) being undertaken by NAS.

The Nautical Archaeology Society is the main Society in the UK covering nautical, foreshore and wreck archaeology This group have been active in the survey and discovery of sites along our coast and if you would like further information about their activities you can look at their website Nautical Archaeology Website

Also see the details of the survey of the Hunstanton steam trawler, Sheraton on Hunstanton Beach - there is even an e-publication to buy for a few pence! Trawler Wreck

Photos of Naval Wrecks

Another Wooden Henge Revealed by Tides

Probably the highlight of the day was to being able to view the remains of a prehistoric henge revealed by the tide at low water.

Lecture Programme

The program of lectures for the next season can now be found under the 'Lectures' tab above.

Kettlewell Lane

Socially distanced visit and picnic

A successful picnic/guided visit to Kettlewell Lane and Littleport Street occurred on the first Sunday in October. But, at present no further events are organised.

WNKLAS In The News

The society has been in the local Newspapers recently in coverage of the conference to celebrate our 50year anniversary and also the presentation to John Smallwood one of the founders.

Press Article


King John's Treasure

The society's investigation of a local farm contributed to a programme made for US television as part of the Expedition Unknown series. This systematic survey of an area that was a likely route for the Royal Treasure was also the subject of a recent lecture evening.

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The TV Programmes