Silver of the Iceni

- By Megan Dennis. (Megan is an Iron Age Specialist with the Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service)

Example of Iceni Horse Design on a silver coin Megan Dennis gave a very interesting talk on the Iceni tribe that dominated Norfolk and followed their fortunes by a study of their precious artefacts. The talk was lavishly illustrated by examples of the silver and gold coins and the bullion that date from that time.

The traditional image is of backward, hostile, bluepainted hordes led by a red-haired fury. Unlike the Celtic sophisticates of the South East, with their wheel-thrown tablewares and imported wines, the Norfolk Iceni were rural primitives. Or were they? Megan Dennis, specialist in Late Iron Age metalwork, pays tribute to the high culture of Boudica's people.

Example of the reverse of a typical Iceni silver coin The Iceni are famous for two things - Boudica and gold. Little else is known of this society that existed in the shadow-lands between the Iron Age and the Roman periods in Norfolk, Suffolk, and north-east Cambridgeshire. Archaeological evidence seems to suggest they were bumbling and backward compared to their southern neighbours.

New research has revealed evidence for a complex society, fascinating politics, and above all a lively and fast-changing relationship with near neighbours, with the Continent, and with Rome.

The talk was well recieved by the audience and was an excellent climax to a year of very stimulating talks.

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