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Historical Landscape Tutorial & Landscape Survey

Reading the Historic Landscape

Included in the archive below is a picture of Gemma Walker introducing Dr Bond, to the group in the Education Room, last Tuesday. Also below in the file link is a PDF of the introductory lecture on the historic landscape of West Norfolk.

Historic Landscape Tutorial at Trues Yard

There was a lot of interest from the Gaywood Valley Conservation Group and a number of members attended the tutorial and survey. We hope to be working with them in the future. The workshop at True's Yard looked at topographical maps, Ordnance Survey First Edition 6 Inch Sheets, Domesday Book and artefacts (pottery and lithics from the Society archives), to help people learn how to read features that have been mapped across the Gaywood Valley, and specifically in the area around: Grimston, Gayton, Leziate and Roydon Common.

The workshop was well attended over 18 people booked in, with Norfolk Wildlife Trust. This workshop and this week's at Sugar Fen were part of their Gaywood Valley Living Landscape HLF project that is coming to an end. see www:

A link to the Gaywood Valley Living Landscape project website can be found Here


On Tuesday 4th August Dr Bond, the society chairperson, hosted a survey workshop on the house platforms and holloway, that represented the deserted hamlet on Sugar Fen, of 'Wyvelling'. Delegates who registered interest with Norfolk Wildlife Trust, resulted in an attendance of over 20 people, including some Archaeological Society members.

Landscape Survey at Sugar Fen

After setting up a baseline, people measured under supervision the house platforms and depression (quarries out platforms?). Teams also measured a series of transects using the optical sight, so to get the rise and fall of the earthworks, including a succession of profiles of the Holloway.

The site NHER 3324- see Link . Sugar Fen is the location of the J. O. Nicholas excavation in 1963, where a low mound with ditch was excavated. It yielded a ring of stake-holes, interpreted of huts. However, Leah (1994), indicates a more plausible explanation - perhaps some form of processing/wood coppicing or firing and pottery production site. Pottery of Thetford ware, and Grimston green-glazed ware was recovered and is retained in the Archaeological Society Archives.


Sugar Fen Survey

In Collaboration with Gaywood Valley Conservation Group

Members of the newly established Gaywood Valley Conservation Group attended this event, and also a 'Reading The Historic Landscape of West Norfolk' workshop Dr Bond delivered at True's Yard. The group are keen to link with the Society for more fieldwork and study.


Links to Gaywood focused websites:

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  • Gaywood Conservation Group who are keen to work with our society on sites: Link to webpage
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  • Link to information about True's Yard who hosted the event: True's Yard

References & Links

Leah, M. 1994. The Late Saxon and Medieval Pottery Industry of Grimston, Norfolk: Excavations 1962-92. Dereham: East Anglian Archaeology Report No. 64.

Lecture Programme

The program of lectures for the next season can now be found under the 'Lectures' tab above.

Kettlewell Lane

Socially distanced visit and picnic

A successful picnic/guided visit to Kettlewell Lane and Littleport Street occurred on the first Sunday in October. But, at present no further events are organised.

WNKLAS In The News

The society has been in the local Newspapers recently in coverage of the conference to celebrate our 50year anniversary and also the presentation to John Smallwood one of the founders.

Press Article


King John's Treasure

The society's investigation of a local farm contributed to a programme made for US television as part of the Expedition Unknown series. This systematic survey of an area that was a likely route for the Royal Treasure was also the subject of a recent lecture evening.

More Information

The TV Programmes