A Shot Across the Bows - True's Yard 7th May

Survey of Fishing Smack LN89 ACTIVITY

Another Fishing Smack Example

The focus of this event was to make a detailed record the Fishing Smack in the garden of True's Yard as there a number of signs of decay. We met up on Saturday and started working by carrying out a quick visual inspection. In general the fishing smack, used to collect shellfish from the Wash, was well preserved although there were a few places where the wood had rotted on the Port side. Most parts, including the decking, appeared sound although there was noticable loss of caulking between the planking, not a bad thing as this would allow any rainwater to drain rather than gather in the bilges.

Points of Interest

It was also noted that the masts and twin booms appeared newer than the rest of the vessel and that the rudder was of an unusual design. There appeared to be no sails stored with the vessel but it was clear that a small engine and propeller had been added at some stage in the past. Neither the propeller or engine are currently installed but it was clear from the clearances that the propeller would have been small and likely used for manourering in port or at the shell-beds rather than the primary means of propulsion. As the vessel was used for collecting shellfish one would expect it be used inshore and to have a small draft, although the mast and booms would indicate that would be expected to travel reasonable distances at sea.

We completed a line drawing of the vessel and this was complemented with a number of digital photographs taken from a variety of angles.

Follow up:

It would be useful to explore the possibilty of members of the local community who remember when boats like the this in daily use. Perhaps we could collect some oral history interviews if we can locate such people?

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Kettlewell Lane

Socially distanced visit and picnic

A successful picnic/guided visit to Kettlewell Lane and Littleport Street occurred on the first Sunday in October. But, at present no further events are organised.

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The society's investigation of a local farm contributed to a programme made for US television as part of the Expedition Unknown series. This systematic survey of an area that was a likely route for the Royal Treasure was also the subject of a recent lecture evening.

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